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Since 1990, Metal Sculpting has established itself with a distinguished reputation for delivering bespoke designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and premium handcrafted metal products, including metal balustrades, handrails, security gates, metal fences and wall panels, staircases and various other customised metal creations. Our specialisation lies in tailoring designs to our client’s preferences and needs.

Recognised as a leader in the industry, Metal Sculpting refrains from offering generic catalogues, prioritising exclusive and original concepts for each project. Our approach ensures unique solutions tailored to individual budgets, following a personalised consultation with our artists. 
Backed by years of expertise and skilled artisans, our handcrafted products not only beautify spaces but also provide security assurance. Metal Sculpting’s portfolio boasts prized concepts spanning residential and commercial developments in prestigious locales both locally and internationally. 
Our services extend beyond Johannesburg and Pretoria, and we welcome inquiries from all locations. Contact us today to discuss your Metal Sculpture requirements.
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